There is more

You have done it all. Nice ad’s, perfect marketing plans, figures and graphs, meetings and reviews. But still things aren’t working out as you wish they should.
Now we think there is more.
Call it intuition, gut-feeling.
We work with very professional and well trained counselors and coaches who use the ‘other approach’. Nothing vague or scary. Just something else.
It’s the kind of communication where challenge, fun, energy, creativity, and connections with others comes in
We can look at your company the ‘other way’ and do things like
intuitive intelligence coaching and training.
We will work with you or your designated employees and colleagues on a single-session basis, or on a retainer basis. Retainer is recommended for those organizations seeking ongoing support, which can include specialized intuitive training or other custom training and coaching services.
Receive a new perspective about your company. If you dare to take the first step, just call
Fred Breitenstein, +31 (0)20 673 4373, or mail

Also take a look atMarjan Floor, use of intuition in business


Houmaet Amsterdam, Tel. +31 20 673 4373,
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