We are not the biggest. But man, we're dedicated! Houmaet, one of the first registered advertising agency's in the Netherlands, is allready active with communication since 1932. Active with making ad campaigns, graphic design, photography, print productions, web development, sponsoring, p.r etc. Also we manage the whole media track, from advice to placing. As an other unique specialism we have: "troubleshooting in communication": You suddenly need juridical back up during a campaign, you have a VAT problem with a foreign partner, you suddenly need extra support during an ad-campaign, you find out that logistics were forgotten for your Benelux door-to-door campaign, you have a special project but you don't know where to find the right people and of course your unique problem - acute communication in any field during a sudden crisis. Or acute start ups for a novice on the Dutch market. We direct, correct and steer every project, involved and sharp for every account.
For more info just mail Houmaet or call +31 20 673 4373.

Here are some of the clients we work for:


Houmaet Amsterdam, Tel. +31 20 673 4373, info@houmaet.nl
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